Vice Golf Performance Big OG Tee

Vice Golf Performance Big OG Tee

A high-performance T-shirt tailored for all styles of play.

The estimated delivery time is between 3-5 business days.

Teeing Up Performance

The Vice Golf Performance T-Shirt is a unique creation. We took all the high-performance aspects of our on-course gear, including lightweight fabric blends that provide optimal movement and keep you cool with sweat-wicking properties, and combined them with the classic look of a t-shirt. Keep things fresh on the range, at the gym, or just when out and about.


The Vice Golf logo is a sign of quality and innovation. It’s an enduring legacy that’s been stamped on fairways since 12.12.12. The all-new Logo collection from Vice Golf is inspired by our reputation that has been earned over the years, marking apparel with the V-shaped design synonymous with our heritage, and the world-famous Vice Golf logo. This high-performance pack is perfect for chasing those low scores.